Jiangsu Guanghui Cable Co., Ltd. is located at the picturesque band of the Lake Tai Yixing, with superior environment and comfortable traffic conditions. Covering an area of 250,000 square meters, Annual sales reached one billion yuan, Total assets of 250 million and more than 500 employees, of whom,100-plus moderate and senior technical management personnel are graduates of collegeor university.In recent years, the company has been respectively evaluated by the higher authorities the titles of “100-Top Private-Ownership Enterprise of Wuxi City”, “Scientific Technology……
南京供電局             湖北省黃石市供電局       臨汾供電局
山東魯能電力物資公司濟南物資分公司 湖北省沙洋供電局        武漢市沌口經濟開發區(沌陽供電所)
山東省供電局鄒平實業有限公司    湖北省鐘祥供電局        貴州省都均供電局
江西省供電局            山西省供電局臨汾供電局     無錫市供電局
  I adhere to the quality of survival, technology and development, customer demand for the company’s pursuit of the business policy and strategy.Companies in the quality-oriented, honest to the letter, high-quality products dominate the market of the enterprise approach, as always, sincere cooperation with our customers…
Sales Tel: (086-510)87291372、87291965
E-mail: ghli@guanghuicable.com
Website: www.78webs.com
ADD: No.78 Xinfeng Load, Guanlin Town, Yixing, Jiangsu
P.C.: 214252
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